Fashionable Cuts : For every occasion and mood, JD Salon has a range of hairstyles which you can sport and flaunt. Whether you want to have a hairstyle for kitty parties, formal lunch/dinner meetings, special events or just a vacation, JD Salon offers you a wide range of hair-dos to choose from. Straight Finish, Straight Shine, Classic Curls, Bouncy Waves, Twisted and Twirled Curls and so on goes the endless list of hair-dos to enhance your style quotient. We offer fashionable hair-dos for all seasons and reasons and get the look you dreamt of.

Hair Extensions : If you want to add instant gorgeousness to your hair and sport different styles, hair extensions are the best bet. They can tremendously help cover limp, weak hair and make it look gorgeously beautiful, thick, long, colored or styled. You can sport the latest trends in hair extensions and wow the crowds without efforts. Hair extensions are most preferred as an instant hair-beautifying accessory for special events, parties, weddings, cultural events and wherever. You needn't worry about weak, damaged hair anymore or to cover baldness. From simple, natural-looking hair extensions to glam-looking, highlighted and permed hair extensions there is one for everyone, to suit all hair types.

Hair Straightening : Super-straight, shiny tresses are a stylish addition to your personality. Easy to manage and smooth-flowing, shining hair is every woman's dream. Smooth Straight, Ultra Straight,

Retouch Straight are some of the variants of hair straightening at JD Salon. These make your hair straightened, extremely manageable, soft and lustrous. Permanent hair straightening techniques give the best results with no need for frequent or regular straightening. At JD Salon, the finest of professional expertise is combined with world-class hair care products and equipment to give you a perfect hair straightening service and beautiful results.

Perming : Perming adds a voluminous appearance and bouncy look for your hair. For those with thin, fine and limp hair, perming works magic. The fringe curls, classic tight curls, and bouncy waves are the simplest means to a great look without much ado. Any hairdo will suit permed hair as it will give a voluminous and healthy look. Perming is done after examining the texture of your hair and the best style is advised. JD Salon gives you the stylish treat to make your thin hair appear full, healthy and curly ready to take the winds.

BlowDrying : Most of the hair treatment services at JD Salon are preceded by wash and blow dry. Using optimum heat and safe temperature levels, your tresses are taken care of and ensured that they look their flattering best. Professional service of hair-wash followed by blow dry is the best means for completion of hair styling. After a hair wash, a blow dry will also save time and is less damaging than harshly rubbing and damaging your tresses with towel.